Welcome to Mind Body Seven


We are a group of mental health clinicians with an integrative approach in Brooklyn, NY and our focus is on providing high quality care for a variety of mental health conditions in a comfortable setting.  We are dedicated to fighting the stigma of mental illness and encouraging an open conversation about anxiety, depression, suicidal thoughts, eating concerns and many other problems.  We hope that our work will decrease individual suffering and the impact that mental illness has on whole families and communities.  

Mind Body Psychiatry P. C. is the name of the professional organization started by Dr. Lewis and you can expect to see this name on all official documents such as on the CareCloud patient portal and medical records. Mind Body Seven is the name of the group practice and you can expect to see this name on the website and various signs. 

Why Seven?

The seven stands for the seven areas of wellness, which we encourage you to address your quest for feeling well and overcoming any obstacles that may be standing in your way to being happy and healthy. 

1.     Emotions – learning to work with your thoughts and emotions through mindfulness and growing in acceptance and awareness of them; learning to tolerate uncomfortable emotions, foster positive ones, and allow negative emotions to pass.

2.     Growth – learning to see life as continuous growth and development through giving time and energy to learning new ways of being and new ways of thinking and maintaining an open and flexible attitude in life

3.     Body – learning to care for the foundations of health through sleep, food, and exercise and addressing any physical health concerns.

4.     Lifestyle – developing a healthy lifestyle that fits your life with the right work-life balance, structure, and daily habits for your temperament and constitution.

5.     Work – investing into finding a satisfying and sustainable professional life and learning the skills that are needed to work well.  Learning organizational, time management, and financial management skills.

6.     Love – recognizing the importance of love and relationships to our lives and happiness and growing in our ability to have good relationships with partners, friends and family members.

7.     Big Picture – an ongoing exploration of your vision for your life, the meaning and purpose of each stage of life, and finding flow in daily life activities.

We welcome you to the website and our practice and hope that we can support you on your path to wellness.