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Our psychologists and psychotherapists are highly skilled clinicians—specializing in treating a wide range of mental health conditions using Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) and other proven approaches.

Child Psychiatrist Brooklyn


We work with children, adolescents and adults facing depression, anxiety, relationship issues, attention and performance issues, food and body image issues, sexuality and sexual health concerns, bipolar disorder, and many other challenges.

Brooklyn Psychiatry


Our expert psychiatrist and psychiatric nurse practitioners offer psychiatric diagnostic evaluation, medication management and treatment, laboratory and nutritional assessment and comprehensive treatment guidance.


Mind Body

Our treatment plans include mindfulness-based psychotherapy, EMDR, relaxation training, lifestyle and nutrition counseling, and other evidence-based mind-body therapies that strongly impact mental health. 


  • Mind Body Seven is a group of Brooklyn-based psychologists, psychotherapists, and psychiatrists providing a holistic approach to mental health and wellness.

  • Our treatment plans address both mind and body in treating depression, anxiety, stress, ADHD, and more. We aim to provide the highest quality of care to children, adolescents, adults, families and couples. 

  • Mental health is about more than your mind; it’s also about your body. It’s about your nutrition and lifestyle habits, your relationships, and your professional life. It’s about how you adapt to change and handle big emotions. It’s about your sense of purpose. It’s about all this and more.

  • Our practitioners treat the whole person—not just their symptoms. We integrate proven psychological protocols with evidence-based mind-body therapies, lifestyle counseling, and more to help our patients live their best lives.

  • Our team includes specialists in a diverse range of therapies and conditions. We can also provide referrals to other excellent clinicians for those who need treatment outside our areas of specialization.

  • Our office is located in Brooklyn. The neighborhoods we’re closest to include Park Slope, Windsor Terrace, Carroll Gardens, Ditmas Park, Gowanus, and Prospect Heights.

  • Our team of compassionate practitioners is waiting to hear from you. Take the first step toward positive change.

Our mission is to walk with you along a path to finding meaning, embracing and shaping your purpose, and creating a broader vision for your mental health and life as a whole.


The “seven” in our practice name represents a guiding principle that all our practitioners share- that the path to mental wellness lies in addressing seven areas of life that are essential to your well-being. These include:

1. Big Picture

values • purpose • meaning • spirituality • flow

2. Body

sleep • food • exercise • physical health • detox

3. Emotions

acceptance • mindfulness • regulating emotions • positive emotions

4. Love

friends • family • romantic • pursuits

5. Work

work • organizational skills • finances

6. Growth

continuous learning • openness • change

7. Lifestyle

habits • schedule • work-life balance


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