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Our psychologists and psychotherapists are highly skilled clinicians who specialize in addressing a variety of mental health conditions through Cognitive Behavioral Therapy and other psychotherapy approaches.

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Children & Adolescents

We work with children and adolescents with anxiety, mood, eating disorders, school related problems, attention deficit, and other conditions. We partner with you to improve your child's health and life.

 Brooklyn Psychiatry


Our team of psychiatrists and psychiatric nurse practitioners offers diagnostic evaluations, medications, integrative psychiatry, functional medicine, nutritional assessment, supplements, testing and expert treatment. 

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Mind Body

We offer mindfulness based psychotherapy, EMDR, hypnosis, relaxation skills training, lifestyle modification (sleep, food, exercise etc), and other evidence-based integrative therapies.  

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Brooklyn Psychiatrist & Psychotherapist

Mind Body Seven is a group mental health practice providing integrative mental health care, counseling, and wellness services to Brooklyn and New York City. 

We primarily serve Park Slope, Windsor Terrace, Carrol Gardens, Ditmas Park, Gowanus, Prospect Heights and the surrounding areas.



All seven areas of life need to be addressed for health and wellbeing.  The Seven also organize our approach to providing comprehensive care.  

1. Body

sleep • food • exercise • physical health • nutrition • supplements • detox

2. Lifestyle

structure • personal time • habits • schedule • work-life balance

3. Emotions

mindfulness • tolerating frustration • acceptance • awareness • positive emotions

4. Love

romantic • family • friends • passions

5. Work

work • organizational skills • time management • finances

6. Growth

continuous learning • curiosity • reading • openness • change

7. Big Picture

purpose • meaning • spirituality • vision • flow



  • We strive to reduce the stigma of mental health care and to foster positive experiences of psychiatry and psychotherapy. While can assist with a wide range of concerns, we specialize in treatment for anxiety, depression, couples therapy, marriage counseling, bipolar disorder, anger management, and eating disorders. 

  • We've assembled some of the best psychiatrists, psychologists, and psychotherapists in Brooklyn, and we use an integrative approach incorporating both conventional and alternative treatments - depending upon what best suits your needs.

  • Mind Body Seven clinicians offer expert treatment for a wide range of conditions relating to mental health and wellness. We draw from the most current research and ancient sources of wisdom. 

  • We work with you to determine the approach and treatments that will serve you best. We focus on integrative methods that may incorporate Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), mind-body medicine treatments, mindfulness, and dietary recommendations.   

  • We address the symptoms that bring you into treatment, and build on your strengths, talents, interests, experiences, and imagination.

  • We strive to develop a comprehensive understanding of who you are, taking into account the particulars of your life—your social, emotional, cultural, and professional life.

  • While diagnosis is important because it guides treatment, we aim to avoid attaching labels. Instead we focus on a personalized approach to care that evolves over time with you.

  • Knowledge is power, and you are the ultimate expert and authority on your own mental health. Our role is to share with you the knowledge and expertise you need to make good choices for your health and wellbeing. 

  • We serve as teammates and committed partners on your path to feeling better and optimal health in the seven areas of wellness: emotions, growth, body, relationships, work, lifestyle, and the big picture.

  • We support you in achieving greater freedom in your life through knowledge, understanding, and personal development.



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