Although a small amount of anxiety is common to experience from time to time, anxiety in excess can be disabling. Worry, stress, insomnia, and physical tension can impair one’s life and productivity.  Panic attacks with severe anxiety and physical symptoms are a signal that anxiety is at a very high level and needs to be addressed. If left unaddressed, panic attacks can lead to other problems such as avoidance of places or activities. Often, symptoms of anxiety reveal an underlying fear of the future or fear of certain circumstances, like social situations or medical procedures.

There are many different treatments for anxiety, including cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT), medications, and mind body treatments such as hypnotherapy and mindfulness.  

Anxiety is one of the most common and also most treatable mental health problems and several Mind Body 7 clinicians specialize in anxiety treatment: Peggy Kaplin Zaloga, LMSW, Kaylee Rutchik-Stix, LCSW, Natasha Felton, NP, and Beata Lewis, MD.