Life Transitions

Stress and confusion may accompany major life transitions such as:

  • Changing careers or retiring

  • Graduating from high school or college

  • Breaking up and divorce

  • Moving

  • Becoming a parent

  • Becoming a caregiver

  • Coming to terms with sexual or gender identity

Psychotherapy Brooklyn

While different transitions present unique challenges, there are also common elements that come with most life changes and our ability to adapt. With a major life change we may need to learn to embrace our new identity and perhaps mourn the loss of the old one. We also need to learn to celebrating new phases of life while letting go of the past. The goal is to feel empowered and in control of the new life circumstances, while finding ways of accepting the past.

Our practitioners Kori Grillo, LCSW, Peggy Kaplin Zaloga, LMSW, Kaylee Rutchik-Stix, LCSW, and Stephen Lewis, LMHC specialize in life transition counseling.