Gender & Sexuality

Sex and gender are important to our identity. Navigating one’s sexual and gender identity can be confusing and difficult, especially when faced with social norms and expectations that might not correspond to the true individual complexity of gender and sexuality.

One’s sex refers the biological anatomy of a person, while gender identity refers to a person’s sense of their own gender - male, female, another gender, or non-binary. Sexual orientation refers to one’s preferences for sexual and emotional attraction to another gender (1).

LGBTQ psychotherapy Brooklyn

Concerns about gender and sexuality can be a challenge that sometimes can lead to depression and anxiety (2). Exploring the fluidity of identity, sexuality and sexual orientation is welcome at Mind Body 7, and our practitioners provide an open, accepting and supportive environment coupled with expertise to help you be your best self and feel comfortable in your skin.

Dr. Cheryl Kornfeld and Stephen Lewis LMCH specialize in gender and sexuality.