Dr. Beata Lewis, MD

Dr. Beata (bay-ata) Lewis is an adult, child and adolescent psychiatrist and integrative holistic medicine doctor. She works with children 6 years old and older and adults. Dr. Lewis graduated with a degree in biology from Harvard University, and earned her medical degree from Harvard Medical School in 2006. She completed adult psychiatry training at Columbia University and Child Psychiatry Fellowship at the NYU Child Study Center. Dr. Lewis is board certified in Adult Psychiatry, Child  and Adolescent Psychiatry and Integrative Holistic Medicine. Dr. Lewis focuses on individual psychotherapy, integrative psychopharmacology, mind-body medicine, and nutrition. Dr. Lewis is a Clinical Assistant Professor at NYU and teaches a large undergraduate course called Complementary and Alternative Mental Health.

Drawing from her extensive education and expertise, Dr. Lewis integrates psychotherapy and medications with alternative and complementary treatments. She tailors treatment to each individual patient, and may incorporate cognitive behavioral and psychodynamic psychotherapy, medication management, mind body medicine treatments, mindfulness, EMDR, hypnosis, nutrition, and lifestyle and dietary recommendations.  

Dr. Lewis specializes in anxiety, depression, bipolar II, attention problems, inflammation and difficulties with life transitions. 

Dr. Lewis is the founder and clinical director of Mind Body Seven.