Why Seven?


All of our practitioners share a common guiding principle: that the path to mental wellness lies in addressing seven areas of life that are essential to your well-being.

Big Picture • Body • Emotions • Love • Work Growth • Lifestyle

1. Big Picture

values • purpose • meaning • spirituality • flow

What are your values? The answer is different for everyone, and it may change over time. We help our clients understand the big picture—their priorities in life, core values, and sense of purpose.

2. Body

sleep • food • exercise • physical health • detox

The mind and body are closely intertwined. Our personalized, integrated approach includes evidence-based techniques that address both.  

We perform blood tests to identify systemic issues or nutrient deficiencies that might be affecting your mental and physical wellness. We also do genetic testing to tailor medications and reduce side effects.  

In all instances, we strive to use the least toxic treatment strategy. We will work with you to taper off your current meds if that’s your preference, and integrate mind-body techniques to minimize your dosage.

3. Emotions

acceptance • mindfulness • regulating emotions • positive emotions

Your experience of life is colored by your emotional state—and some strong feelings can cause serious mental stress.

Through a combination of psychotherapy, mindfulness and mind-body techniques we’ll help you recognize the triggers of disruptive feelings, label and understand them, and cultivate a positive emotional state.

Your holistic treatment may include a range of therapies—such as mindfulness-based psychotherapy, EMDR, relaxation training, biofeedback, and more, depending on your needs.

4. Love

friends • family • romantic • pursuits

Our mental health is strongly affected by our interpersonal dynamics with friends, coworkers, romantic partners, and family members.

We can help you sharpen your interpersonal intelligence, develop healthy boundaries, and strengthen your relationships with those who are most important to you. We offer couples, family, and individual therapy for adults, adolescents, and children.

5. Work

work • organizational skills • finances

Many of us spend more time at work than at home. Your professional life impacts your personal life—and your mental health.

Our practitioners work with you to identify patterns that keep you stuck or unhappy at work. We’ll also help you learn to celebrate your successes, identify your strengths, tame organizational and time management issues, and handle challenging work relationships.

6. Growth

continuous learning • openness • change

Most of us face multiple periods of upheaval during our lives. Even positive changes, such as becoming a parent, graduating from school, changing jobs or careers, or getting married can bring challenges.

We believe that we never stop learning and evolving, no matter how old we are. We can help you adapt to a new role, foster curiosity and openness to change, and grow and rediscover yourself during periods of transition.

7. Lifestyle

habits • schedule • work-life balance

Your sleep schedule, nutrition, exercise habits, and stress levels have a profound effect on how you feel. Even small adjustments to basic lifestyle factors can reduce or eliminate serious mental health symptoms.

We can work with you to identify lifestyle issues that may be affecting your mental wellness—and help you develop a plan for transformative change.

Our mission is to walk with you along a path to finding meaning, embracing and shaping your purpose, and creating a broader vision for your mental health and life as a whole.