Substance Abuse 

Alcohol, tobacco, medication and illicit drug abuse affects brain chemistry in powerful ways and relying on willpower alone is often not sufficient to overcoming addiction. Addictions might require professional help in order to start healing from the abuse and the shame, guilt and stigma that accompany the misuse of substances.

Often, people who seek out substances are attempting to self-medicate underlying mental health problems such as anxiety, depression or bipolar disorder.  It is important to address the interaction between mental health symptoms and substance abuse behaviors.

Psychotherapy is a key element in the treatment of addiction.  Many people also benefit from group support in AA, NA and other support groups. Medication management for the underlying mental health conditions and for substance abuse can also make a remarkable difference in the speed of recovery.

Several Mind Body 7 clinicians have extensive experience working with clients with substance abuse concerns. Treatment may include psychotherapy, medication management, mindfulness and mind body techniques that either aim for harm reduction or complete abstinence depending on the individual concerns. We will work with you to increase self awareness of behavior, thought patterns and triggers, and to improve your coping skills and positive health behaviors.

Natasha Felton, Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner, and Stephen Lewis, LMHC specialize in substances abuse treatment.