Neuropsychological Testing

Psychological testing is an important tool in a comprehensive evaluation, especially in evaluating children and adolescents. In addition neuropsychological testing is essential in assessing and monitoring executive functions and cognitive impairment in adults. Neuropsychological testing is a component of a broader comprehensive evaluation and treatment that includes speaking with the family and other individuals, laboratory testing, and psychiatric evaluation when needed.

Dr. Beth Wecksell PsyD provides psychological testing using interactive i-Pad based testing. Testing using i-Pads makes the testing faster and more accurate.

Psychological testing provides useful information that can help to assess:

  • Attention

  • Intellectual abilities

  • Learning abilities

  • Memory

  • Executive functioning

  • Academic achievement

  • Emotional functioning

  • Language abilities

  • Visuospatial skills

Psychological testing can be tailored to your needs to provide the information that you need and that will support your treatment.