Laboratory Testing:

General laboratory testing at conventional laboratories covered by insurance (Quest Diagnostic, LabCorp, Manhattan Labs and others) allows us to test for a broad range of general health indicators, thyroid health, inflammation markers, autoimmune markers, vitamin levels, mineral and nutrient levels, heavy metals, infections etc.

Genetic Testing:

We use Genomind Genecept Assay that tests for genes that are related to brain function and liver function (liver is involved in metabolism of medications) to help make personalized treatment decisions tailored to your genetic background and to find treatments that are more likely to be effective, have lower risk for side effects and adverse effects, and are dosed appropriately.

In Depth Nutritional Testing:

We work with Genova labs (ex. ION panel) for specialized testing that shows how well the nutrients are functioning in the body and provides an in depth analysis of nutrients, heavy metals, and gut health.